Unveiling Our Cannabis Legacy

Established in 2023, Legacy Mountain stands as a premier licensed cannabis producer in the serene Shuswap Lake area of British Columbia, Canada. Nestled in picturesque Magna Bay, our company is more than just about cannabis – it embodies the enduring passion and commitment of our co-founders, Jesse & Nicole Siegers. Their journey, rooted in a family heritage of cannabis appreciation, reflects the profound impact this plant can have on individuals and communities.

Join us as we explore Jesse’s compelling narrative, from his upbringing by a cannabis-loving father to his adventures in the legacy cannabis industry, unveiling the challenges faced and the unwavering determination that propels Legacy Mountain forward.

Growing for Generations

Cultivated from Roots: Jesse’s journey into the legacy cannabis industry was shaped by his upbringing. Raised by his father, Joseph, a Dutch immigrant who arrived in Canada in 1953, Jesse grew up in a family that valued the potential benefits of the cannabis plant.

In the early ’90s, Jesse faced a crossroads after high school, entering the legacy cannabis industry and cultivating cannabis across various locations in British Columbia from 1993 to 2005, mainly in the Kootenay region. Despite managing an Old Dutch chip franchise in Nelson and working as a surveyor, Jesse’s true calling eluded him. Even after founding Glacier Exploration Surveys in 2005, the void persisted, driven by the loss of his father and a yearning to be closer to cannabis.

In 2017, Jesse and his wife, Nicole, took a significant turn in his career, closing his survey company to enter the legal cannabis industry. Nicole’s unique blend of agricultural knowledge and exceptional plant grooming skills, stemming from her upbringing on a Saskatchewan farm and her transition into hairdressing, became an essential element contributing to their success.

Their pitch to investors focused on a unique approach, challenging the prevailing model of large-scale cannabis cultivation in Canada. Instead, they advocated for small, highly controlled grow rooms, never exceeding 1000 square feet, emphasizing meticulous, hands-on cultivation practices. Although their initial project didn’t unfold as planned, their determination endured.

In 2022, Jesse & Nicole discovered a struggling micro-cannabis operation in the North Shuswap region of British Columbia. Seeing the potential, they seized the opportunity to bring Legacy Mountain to life, introducing its inaugural brand, Smokin’ Joe’s BC Bud.


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